Nuclear Medicine Bone Scans

Whole Body Bone Scan 

Three Phase Bone Scan 

A nuclear bone scan is preformed in the same general manner as all other nuclear medicine scans. The isotope is injected into the vein and then based on the properties of the isotope it can target certain bone areas or the whole body based upon the area of interest. The camera then detects the gamma rays from the isotope. These test has a wide variety of uses; some of the most common are: locating infection, evaluating areas of weakness such as fracture or arthritis. Some other things that can be diagnosed or seen from this type of study are: evaluating for metastatic bone disease, evaluating painful prosthetic joints, evaluating bone tumors, and identifying sites for bone biopsies.

There is no preparation for this type of study; however, we do ask that you come well hydrated for this exam.

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