Ultrasound is a non-invasive, harmless procedure that uses sound waves to generate images of many of the internal organs and structures inside our bodies. Ultrasounds are a common medical diagnostic test. Ultrasounds can be used to look at many different areas inside our bodies. Aside from general body ultrasounds we can also use ultrasound to look at vascular structures inside our body and also look at our hearts.

Frequently asked questions regarding ultrasound

Can I just schedule an ultrasound at any time I would like?

No. All ultrasounds that we preform are done only following a physician’s order. Therefore, in order to have an ultrasound preformed you must first see a physician and they must order, based on medical information, an ultrasound for you.

Is an ultrasound painful?

Generally, no. However, if you are having pain or discomfort in an area the ultrasound technologist may have to apply some pressure to the area in order to get accurate images of the area.

Are ultrasounds harmful to an unborn fetus?

No. The type of imaging used is sound waves, no radiation; therefore, there are no harmful effects on an unborn fetus. Ultrasound has been used for many years to evaluate pregnancy.

How long will an ultrasound take?

The length will depend on the ultrasound being performed. Most last about 30 minutes; however, some last up to an hour and a half, or you may need to have multiple ultrasounds preformed. Please refer to the charts on the accompanying pages: general body ultrasound, vascular ultrasound or echocardiogram.

What is the preparation for my ultrasound?

 As the prep for each test varies please refer to the charts on the accompanying pages: general body ultrasoundvascular ultrasound or echocardiogram.

Will I be able to return to my every day activities following my ultrasound?

Yes! There are no restrictions on any activities following an ultrasound. It is a noninvasive procedure.

Can someone accompany me to this test?

Absolutely. We are happy to have family, friends or loved ones with you during this test. However, we do ask that they try to stay clear of the technician while he or she is preforming the test.

Will I be able to receive my results immediately following the test?

No. Per protocol our technicians are not able to disclose any findings with you or anyone accompanying you. All of the images that our technician acquires must be sent to a certified radiologist or cardiologist for full evaluation; following which he or she will generate a report for your physician. Your physician or their office will be the only ones to discuss the results from the ultrasound.